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Our deep, rich red Pedigree Devon Beef Cattle can be seen grazing on the higher land of the farm above the little town of Bampton. The Devon is a traditional breed which thrives in a natural farming environment, allowing it to mature more slowly than modern breeds, and yield a wonderful high quality meat.

Our animals are born and bred on the farm.

Our Devon and Devon Cross beef is hung for 3 weeks to produce well-marbled, tender meat. The characteristic marbling is due to the fine veins of fat running through the beef which baste the meat from within during cooking before running off. The result is tender, delicious flavourful meat.

Our Devon Herd has achieved many successes in the show ring.

Smithfield Show Champion

We show our cattle regularly at the Royal Smithfield Show where our animals have taken many first prizes, and won the championship and reserve of the Devon Breed.


red devon balf

The beef cattle provide quality meat for sale direct to the customer, having been prepared by the butcher in pack-size and cuts as required.

Traditionally Reared Beef

  • Hamper Packs - a selection of cuts
  • Luxury Packs - a selection of the best cuts.

Or specify exactly which what and how much you require, and can purchase by the kilo:

  • Roasting Joints: Topside, Fore Rib, Back Rib, Brisket
  • Steak: Fillet, Sirloin, Rump
  • Casserole Beef: Stewing Steak, Shin, Minced Beef, Burgers

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Contact: William and Neil Weston at Kersdown Barton, Bampton Devon. EX16 9DU tel: 01398 331272
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