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Jersey Cow

Clotted cream was originally made from our traditional Devon Herd.

Now 30 Jersey cows produce the rich milk which we make by hand into delicious high quality clotted cream and double cream in our dairy.

Dairy cows graze in the meadows by the River Batherm where the grass is rich and lush.

In the past, the river was allowed to flood in order to fertilise the land with the river's silt deposits.

Jersey Cow

Many local shops and restaurants sell and use our milk and cream which we deliver directly from the dairy.

some local shops which sell our cream:

Country Cupboard, Bampton St., Tiverton
Bampton Fruit and Veg, Bampton
Secret Seeds cream teas, Cove, Nr Bampton

In our dairy we produce double cream, clotted cream, and we bottle our milk. We deliver to local shops and restaurants daily.

cream separator
Electric cream separator

cream pasturising
Cream in the pasturising unit

potting cream
Cream being potted in the dairy

cream for delivery
Clotted cream ready for delivery

Clotted Cream is sold in a range of different quantities: from 113g to 452g pots; bigger quantites are available for commercial purposes or functions.

Our Double Cream is extra thick and is sold in 142 ml or 184 ml pots and in up to 2 litre bottles.

Traditional Full-Fat Channel Island Milk is sold in 1 or 2 litre bottles.

As a by-product of the cream, we also supply skimmed and semi-skimmed bottled milk.

Our milk is not homogenised.

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