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Kersdown Barton is a 300 acre mixed farm which has been run in the traditional way by the Weston family since 1904.

Our deep, rich red Pedigree Red Ruby North Devon Beef Cattle graze on the higher land of the farm which rises from 350 to 780 ft above sea level.

The farm herd, which is spring calving, provides calves for beef production or breeding heifers.

Red Devon Cattle

The Devon is a traditional breed which is slow to mature, thrives in a traditional farming environment and produces the renowned beef of the Red Rubies.

We have a flock of 300 sheep providing quality lambs of Suffolk x mules, and keep a small quantity of Large White pigs which are fattened on the by-products of cream.


Quality beef and rose veal can be bought at the farm, delivered direct to the customer via courier or purchased from local farmers markets.

We have 30 Jersey cows to produce the rich milk which we make by hand into delicious high quality clotted cream and double cream in our dairy.

jersey cows

We also have arable land on which we grow barley to feed to our stock.

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Contact: William and Neil Weston at Kersdown Barton, Bampton Devon. EX16 9DU tel: 01398 331272
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