Weston’s Rose Veal is based at Kersdown Barton at Bampton in Devon. The farm is family run and has been farmed by the Weston’s since 1904.

We are predominantly a livestock farm with small acreage of barley to provide grain and straw for the cold winter months.

Livestock on the farm consists of dairy herd of pedigree Jersey cows. The cows are milked once a day and graze outside for most of year on grass and come inside in the winter when the ground becomes too wet. Then they are house on to deep bedded straw and fed a diet of just grass silage. Their female calves producing replacements for the dairy herd and the Bull calves are used for the Rose Veal.

There is also a pedigree herd of Red Ruby Devons with their offspring are reared to produce well hung tender beef. The Devon cows spend all year outdoors on grass and grass silage in the winter. Their offspring are outdoors for most of year and only coming indoors when the ground becomes too wet.

We also have a flock of sheep. These spend their whole life outdoors in the fields including the lambing period. They mainly graze grass but during the winter months when grass is short they feed on brassicas and grass silage.

Our ethos at Kersdown Barton is to try and create a system whereby we rely on grass to feed our animals. As the West Country is a perfect place to grow grass and grass is a natural feed for cows and sheep.