As British Rose Veal suppliers we are proud to provide ethical veal with high welfare standards.

But it’s not always been easy for us. There was a time in the UK when people hated the thought of veal and thought it was unethical. The media did what the media do best and highlight horrific problems that hardly existed in the industry in UK.

However, due to popular media cooking programmes they now realise it’s totally the opposite, in fact it’s more ethical when you understand why.British rose veal suppliers

For those of you who aren’t aware veal comes from a bull calf. Historically it was cheaper for farmers to simply shoot the male calves at birth as they weren’t worth the cost of feeding and looking after them. It is always difficult for farmers to shoot their animals.

If they raised them for beef, dairy bulls are worth less than beef bulls so poorly valued at market. There aren’t many plus points I’m afraid unless they are used for veal meat. Rose Veal is tender as it doesn’t mature in the same way as beef bulls.

Our calves get to roam round straw filled barns or in better weather in lush green fields. They get to play with their mates. I know it’s a short life but it’s an animal that would normally be discarded. In addition, at 6-9 months old it’s older than most pigs or lambs are slaughtered.

Nowadays throughout the UK veal is acceptable and is served throughout leading hotels, restaurants and used commonly by famous chefs. Thankfully veal on the menu is now accepted and we as British Rose Veal suppliers provide a variety of hotels, restaurants as well as the public.

British Rose Veal Suppliers

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